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Cancellation and Refund Policy


At BuzzLuna, we value our clients and are committed to delivering the best possible service. This policy outlines our cancellation and refund practices to ensure transparency and clarity.

Definition of Optimal Results

Optimal results refer to meeting the expected and forecasted results as discussed with the client.

It’s essential to note that we provide these as estimates and cannot guarantee the exact outcomes in most cases.


Clients can cancel their contract/agreement with our agency at any point without a notice period, as long as both parties mutually agree on the decision.

Halting Projects

If a client wishes to temporarily halt a project, any funds paid will be converted into credits. These credits can be used for any of our services within the next 90 days.

Non-Delivery of Services

In cases where we fail to work on a project entirely or do not deliver as promised, clients have the right to address the issue, and a resolution will be mutually decided upon.

Partial Deliveries

If we partially complete a project, we will only charge for the portion delivered. For instance, if 50% of the agreed-upon deliverables are completed, we’ll charge for that 50%. Clients can choose to either receive a refund for the undelivered portion or have the amount converted into credits for future use.

Refund Requests

While there isn’t a strict time frame for requesting refunds due to non-delivery, we encourage clients to communicate their concerns promptly. This will ensure both parties reach an understanding and timely resolution.

Refund Method

The method of refund will be based on mutual agreement. It can be the same as the original payment method or any other suitable method agreed upon by both parties.

Exceptions to Refund Policy

While our policy is to not provide refunds for projects that do not yield optimal results, we approach each case individually. It’s important to understand that achieving results is multifactorial, and variations can occur.

Refund Processing Time

Once a refund is approved, it will be processed within 30 days.


Our goal is to maintain trust and foster long-lasting relationships with our clients. We request our clients to read this policy thoroughly and communicate any concerns or queries they might have. Mutual understanding and clear communication are the bedrock of our collaboration.