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Write Email Like a Boss: 10 Powerful Tips to be a pro

write emails like a boss

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Emails are one of the most common ways that business is done nowadays. They are also one of the most effective ways to stay connected with your customers and colleagues. But not everyone writes them in the best way. To write an email like a boss and be more email etiquette, you need to follow some tips. Whether you’re sending an email communication to update your team on progress or replying to a customer, you can use them to your advantage. From copy-pasting to typing the exact phrase repeatedly, there’s a lot that you can do to make your emails professional and engaging. Here are 10 tips that you can use to help you write an email like a boss and send professional emails.

10 tips to write emails like a boss


1) Start with Why to write business emails.

One of the most important tips when it comes to how to write an email like a boss is to start with why. When writing your them, think about why you want to write a work email. What are you trying to accomplish? Once you’ve answered this question, you have a clear motive and direction for your objective. You can use it to help yourself write better and more engaging content. One way that you can start with why is to write a basic “headline” that explains what you’re trying to accomplish with your email. For example, you could write something like, “Marketing campaign: Introduce yourself to potential clients.” Having this written, you can focus on your objective and choose your email style. This heading will work as a reminder if you get lost in between.

Why to write emails

2) Make your Subject line Shine.

The subject line is especially important because it’s the first thing your readers see. They’ll often decide whether to open your email or not before they even read it. So, you have to make it as eye-catching as possible to grab your readers’ attention. While also ensuring that your subject line is on the point and delivers a clear message. You can also use some emotional words, or maybe some relatable phrases, or simply ask questions to make your subject line sound more appealing and memorable. For example, you can use words and phrases like “Why are you not doing (this)” or “Event you won’t want to miss out on.” and more. These kinds of words will immediately grab your reader’s attention so that they don’t even need to read the rest of your email to find out what it’s about. Check out these best subject lines from HubSpot.

Impressive Subject lines of your emails


3) Make it personal

One way to make your emails stand out from the crowd is to personalize them. This is especially true when you’re writing to existing customers or prospects. You can always write personal emails. Personalization mainly refers to mentioning something received in the mail that they can relate to and feel like it’s specially catered for him. For example, mentioning somebody’s website and telling them how good it is but how you can make it better. This will help you build a more meaningful relationship with your customers and ultimately help you sell more products or services to them. Also, try to use your professional email address for business purposes.

Personalize your emails


4) Don’t Just Copy and Paste

It is ubiquitous for people to send the same email repeatedly. It can be a proposal, sales letter, or anything. Sending the same email to everyone will make your content non-personalized and trigger the spam filters for many email services. If you’re copying and pasting all of the content, you’re missing out on a simple and effective way to be creating in your writing. Instead, start from scratch and write different versions of content. This will help you become more creative, find new ways to help your readers, and also help you stand out from the competition. Another way to create a unique email is to include relevant images. While you don’t want to go overboard with the photos, you can use images such as product photos, screenshots, or even business logos to help explain your intentions better. Media files can also be used to define the mood of the writing. For example, using a meme image increases the humor in your writing.

Don't duplicate your emails


5) Say something useful

You can also use emails to help your customers and increase the amount of time that they spend with your business. You need to engage your audience in such a way that they can quickly read and want to know more. You can send marketing materials, newsletters, and announcements. One effective way to send newsletters to your customers is based on their interests. This can be beneficial to both you and them. They will get to read about something they are interested in, and they’ll also see that you’re interested in them and their needs and how you can provide them with something valuable. Another way to help your customers is to offer product advice or promotions. Whether you’re referring to a product or giving general advice, you can always reach out to your customer and be valuable to them.

Be useful in your emails


6) Get straight to the point

As mentioned earlier, your emails are supposed to be short and on the point. Remember that your readers have a short span of time. Keeping your email on a point will allow you to deliver your message successfully and get a good response from your recipients. Otherwise, you might often be marked as spam if you do not focus on why your recipient should engage with you and your business. To write an email like a boss, it’s important to focus on your objective and be direct and on point. It’s always recommended to use an active voice in your writing.

Be on point in your emails


7) Be Honest and Be Open-minded

If you’re trying to write an email like a boss, you also have to be honest and open-minded. Honesty is incredibly important in business. You can’t lie to your customers, and you shouldn’t be afraid. Be honest about your business’s struggles and your team’s progress. While this might sound controversial, being honest increases the confidence and trust of the reader for your business. This is because they understand that you are being truthful and accepting your flaws. For most people, this is an appreciatable attribute.

On the other hand, you also can’t be too negative in your emails. For example, you shouldn’t be discussing how awful your business is or how terrible your team is. This will only turn off your customer and make them question your business. And we obviously don’t want that to happen.

Be honest in your emails


8) Summarize the Benefits

To write an email like a boss, you also have to summarize the benefits of your products and services. First, your customer needs to know why they should work with you. Next, you need to explain how you can help their business. Convincing them that you are the right person for their task is important. You can do this by providing testimonials, quotes, or other content that can help your customers. For example, you could include content such as, “We guarantee that your products will arrive in perfect condition,” “Our service is always free,” or “We guarantee that you’ll get your product on time.” are some of the great statements that can increase the confidence of your customer in you.

Explain how you can help in your email


9) Provide a Call-to-Action

When trying to write an email like a boss, you also have to make sure to add a call to action. When you send an email, you want some results out of your investment and efforts. Call-to-action tells your reader what you want them to do. One way that you can do this is by asking your customers to take some sort of action. For example, you could ask your customers who bought something from you for their feedback. Or you could send an email with discount codes to people who have registered with you but never bought anything to get them to buy something from you. Your mail can have any kind of call-to-action as per your motive. If you want to write like a boss, call-to-action is unskippable.



10) Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Feedback

Never be afraid to ask your customers for feedback. This will be beneficial to both you and your customers. Feedback helps you improve your business. It also helps you understand what your customers desire, what they want, and whether or not your products and services meet their needs and expectations. Once you have the feedback, you can always work and improve your products and services. So when you’re trying to write an email like a boss, you should never be afraid to ask for feedback. Infact, you’ll be surprised to know that customers are usually more than happy to help you improve and let you know what you can do better. This is because they feel welcome in your business. It gives them the feeling that you care about them and they are an important part of your business. They just want to help you become better and stronger.

Ask for feedbacks in emails


Ready to Write an Email Like a Boss

Emails are an effective way to stay connected with your customers and colleagues. Whether you’re replying to a customer or writing a newsletter. These 10 tips will indeed help you write an email like a boss. Start with a headline that explains what you’re trying to accomplish. Be honest and open-minded while also summarizing the benefits of your products and providing a call to action. Don’t just copy and paste your content. And don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your readers. If you want to write an email like a boss and write personalized and useful content, these tips will help you stand out from the crowd.

write emails like a boss


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